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CPD Events

香港環境師學會與奧地利史懷哲協會專題講座-環境師對聯合國可持續發展目標SDG的角色和AI 對SDG 可作出的貢獻
Date : 2023

[CPD] Understand the Meaning of Urban Regeneration Process - from a Humanity Perspective with References Based on China and Some International Cases
Date : 17th December, 2022


[CPD] HKGBC - Greater Bay Area Sustainable Built Environment Conference 2022 Presented By: Hong Kong Green Building Council
Date : 16th December, 2022
Event page : https://www.hkgbc.org. hk/eng/news-events/events-trainings/events-detail? eventId=490


Event Name: Chinachem Group Sustainability Conference 2022
Presented By: Chinachem Group & Hong Kong Green Building Council

Date : 24th, October, 2022
Event page: Click Here


[CPD] A Way Forward for Electric Vehicle in Hong Kong: Challenges and Opportunities for the 21st Century'
Date : 24th September, 2022


[CPD] New Generation Professional Technical Training
Date : 27th August, 2022


[CPD] Ventilation and Airborne Transmission of Viruses
Date : 30th July, 2022


[CPD] MNT - An Alternative Low Cost Wastewater Treatment Methody
Date : 25th June, 2022


[CPD] The Energy of New Generation - NANO Light Energy Plane and Solar Power
Date : 28th May, 2022


[CPD] Integrating Technology into Low-carbon Environmental Sustainability
Date : 30th April, 2022


[CPD] evelopment of Hydrogen Production Method from Hydrogen Storage Materials
Date : 26th March, 2022


[CPD] Testing and Certification in Construction Industry
Date : 26th February, 2022


[CPD] ISO 14064-1
Date : 22nd January, 2022



Name of Event:
[CPD] Enhance Construction Productivity by 5D BIM with E-tender & Lightweight CDE Platform
Date : 27th November, 2021


[CPD] Reflection on Global Warming and Carbon Emissions Thanks for Dr. Peter YAU sharing valuable knowledge as a guest speaker during the seminar.
Date : 30th October, 2021


[CPD] Buying Green
Thanks for Dr. Perry Yun-kit Ip sharing valuable knowledge as a guest speaker during the seminar.
Date : 18th September, 2021


[CPD] Blasting Environmental Impact Management
Thanks for Raymond P. K. Lam sharing valuable knowledge as a guest speaker during the seminar.
Date : 28th August, 2021


[CPD] ISO 14001.2015 EMS for Building Contractors in Hong Kong
Date : 24th July, 2021


[CPD] The Internal and External Environmental Practical Training of Aquactic Culture
Date : 19th June, 2021


[CPD] Technical Talk - Green Concrete Design and Development
Date : 27th March, 2021



[CPD] UNESCO Sustainable Development - Environment and climate change
Date :
1st, March, 2021

[CPD] IVE Online Series of Talk on Career Planning (Engineering)
Date :
22nd February, 2021