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Shenzhen, Macau, Zhuhai, Guangzhou, Meizhou, Nanning (Guangxi Province), Zhuzhou (Hunan Province), Chengdu (Sichuan Province), Chongqing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Kaohsiung (Taiwan), Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, Jakarta (Indonesia), New Zealand, Tasmania (Australia), California (US) and Sweden

Previous Events

News:HKIOE 2019 Organizational Structure
Date : 20th May 2019


Visited the Project:
感謝何鍾泰博士,工程師,前立法會議員,原港區全國人大,大舜基金主席邀請香港環境師學會創始人何忠明博士擔任大舜的智囊團成員,本會祝賀大舜基金更成功,更輝煌, 發揮專業,論經濟,促民生。
Date : 20th May 2019


Visited the Project:
Date : 5th May 2019


Visited the Project:
Date : 4th May 2019


Visited the Project:本會創會會長何忠明博士獲邀元朗光明學校及光明英來學校第十三屆聯校畢業典禮嘉賓
Date : 2nd May 2019


Visited the Project:
Dr. Tommy Ho, the Founding President of HKIOE, who was invited to attend the 2nd Anniversary Ceremony of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Youth Society. Also, congratulations to our Life Honorary President, Tam Yiu Chung GBM, GBS, JP and Hong Kong Committee, Mr. Vincent Cheung.
Date : 29th April 2019


Visited the Project:HKIOE Wishing you a Happy Easter !
Date : 17th April 2019


Visited the Project:香港環境師學會就職禮暨永遠榮譽會長頒獎典禮
Date : 7th April 2019


Visited the Project:本會榮譽會長何建宗教授首辦"激光杯" 冀培育科研新血
Date : 4th April 2019


Visited the Project:香港環境師學會澳門分會與澳門建材企業商會及其他知名機構成立聯盟會
Date :27th March 2019


Visited the Project:聯合國教科文組織可持續發展教育項目 生物多樣性—「航天育種計劃」 中國航天實踐十號太空種子種植儀式
Date : 9th March 2019

Visited the Project:香港屋宇及設備工程師學會春茗晚宴新春歡聚暨與香港環境師學會簽署合作協議
Date : 7th March 2019

Visited the Project:祝各位會員心想事成!萬事如意!
Date : 31st January 2019


Visited the Project:Vietnam Visit with a team included Founding President: Dr Tommy Ho, Macau Chapter Honorary President: Dr. Perry Ip and NanNing University Dean Dr. Ma
Date : 19th January 2019


Visited the Project:Founder and Founding President of the HKIOE, Dr. Tommy Ho has been appointed as Honorary Advisor of the Hong Kong Institute of Clerks of Works 2019.
Date : 11th January 2019


Visited the Project:香港環境師學會澳門分會就職禮
Date :
2nd January 2019

Lee Hing Lim, Henry
Wong Tak Yin, Joe
Vice President
Fok Chong Mun, Philips
Vice President
Siu Yiu Kuen, Peter
Vice President
Ho Kin Ian
Cheung Kwok Chung, Louis
Cheung Hon Yiu, Danny
Honorary President
Leong Iam Chong
Honorary President
Ho Kim Ming, Jorge
Honorary President
Ip Yun Kit, Perry
Honorary President
Thomas LUONG
Honorary Consultant
Pun Mei Kei, Maggie
Voluntary Secretary

Visited the Project:屯門居民協會舉辦環保羽毛球掛飾製作分享
Date :
24th December 2018


Visited the Project:香港環境師學會梅洲分會第三屆小小環境師頒獎典禮
Date :
20th-22nd December 2018


Visited the Project:Wishing you a Merry Christmas & a Prosperous New Year 2019
Date :
20th December 2018


Visited the Project:香港環境師學會創會會長何忠明博士獲邀出席嘉賓,支持全港中小學生中國改革開放40周年知識競賽
Date : 14th December 2018



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