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Hong Kong

Hong Kong ~ President (Academic)
Ir Dr Alex TSANG Chi Wing's Welcome Message

Contributions to HKIOE members

As is our usual practice at the HKIOE, our team will continue to provide mentor services to the fellow HKIOE member in obtaining their professional qualifications. I am currently Competence and Commitment Assessor for Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE), Chartered Engineer Assessor for Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining (IOM3) and assessed the competence and eligibility of over 35 candidates for professional chartered engineer status. I am also the professional development mentor at Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and mentor at Chartered Management Institute (CMI). We have the competence and commitment to guide HKIOE members towards their own professional development and prepare them to behave professionally and ethically at their current or future workplaces. Thus, we can assist strengthening the professional profile of the HKIOE member.

Connection of the Environmental Industry with Academics

Through the liaison with the numerous industrial connections that were already built at HKIOE, on one hand, we would like to search for competent students from the Civil & Environmental Engineering program to assist the Hong Kong industry to recruit more younger workforces. At the same time, we would like to provide students with opportunity to consider the environmental and civil industry as a potential career and help them decide where their future career interest lies. I believe it will be an ideal win-win situation for both parties.

Recruiting student members from environmental and testing program

As usual, we will continue to recruit students from the academics to join the HKIOE as student or graduate members. Currently, we have recruited more than 50 student member for HKIOE, and they have already started to participate in various activities held by HKIOE. We will continue to recruit new members during every academic years.

Continue Academic Research in Environmental Field

I am a Chartered Engineer of UK, Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology and Registered Professional Engineer of Hong Kong with broad industrial research experience in environmental engineering, chemical engineering and chemical process design. Before joining THEi, I had served the various energy industrial and government sector such as the Hong Kong Towngas and the National Research Council Canada. I applied my engineering knowledge in numerous energy related projects over the past 10 years with significant responsibilities and accomplishments. This can be evidenced by ~ 50 of my research published in highly recognized peer-reviewed journal articles and 8 patents applications. I am also a Chartered Waste Manager (UK) and have significant contribution to the development of the Research Centre for Waste and Resource Management at THEi, which was financially supported by the Research Grants Council (RGC) of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China (Project No.: UGC/IDS25/15). During the past three years, I have led my own research staff, students and also engaged and partnered with several THEi colleagues to carry out a series of research projects funded by my RGC grant (UGC/FDS25/E09/17) and published several research articles. Recently, I have obtained another grant from UGC on the development of renewable energy for decarbonizing and modelling sustainable transport and logistics operations in smart cities of Greater Bay Area (GBA) (UGC/IDS(C)14/B(E)01/19). In this project, I will continue to contribute my environmental knowledge to the development of a better GBA. I will also start to publish environmental-related article in various professional society magazines, social media such as Facebook and Linkedin to raise the public interest on climate change problem.

In conclusion, apart from my research contributions to the public and society, I will facilitate my fellow members’ professional and career development by equipping them with the latest trends of the industry and skills for work readiness, through practical, innovative and research projects, as well as offering persistent support and guidance for the members’ professional development so that they are well-prepared to meet the challenge in their future careers.

Committee Members
HKIOE (Academics)

President :
Alex Tsang (THEi)
VP (internal affairs) :
Eve Chan (THEi)
VP (external affairs) :
Joseph Lau (PolyU CPCE)
Secretary :
Grace Gu (THEi)
Student Representative

Lui Kin Hei, Henry (THEi)

Lam Chak Lung (PolyU HKCC) Cheung Shun Him Bosco (PolyU HKCC) Wong Wai Kit, Billy (THEi)

Visited the Project:
香港環境師學會 (青年會),年青專業人士考察深圳比亞迪車廠。
Date : 17th August 2018


Visited the Project:
Date : 7th July 2018


Visited the Project:
香港環境師學會 狀元龍出賽2018建造業議會 魯班盃 我們全力以赴,眾委員全力支持我們中國傳統龍舟競賽活動,發揮團結體育精神
Date : 18th June 2018


Visited the Project:
Date : 2nd June 2018


Visited the Project:
建造業議會魯班盃,香港環境師學會全力支持 競逐建造業議會魯班盃 香港環境師學會狀元龍下水禮
Date : 20th May 2018